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Researcher and Inspirator for projects such as  

One Trillion Trees and Don't Just Vote.



Social Media Manager for KYTA and 

Alchemy of Breath


Conscious Web Design 
for projects such as


Lecturer and Vocal Tutor at 
Plymouth University.

Vocalist for Mike Westbrook
 Musician and Composer
Billie Bottle and The Multiple

Meditation Artist
Open Mic Host


"The first quality that I look for in a team member is integrity. Martine has that in spades. She is also a fantastic researcher who shows great attention to detail whilst at the same time being able to keep her eye on the big picture and it was not uncommon for her to point out flaws in my strategy that I would have overlooked if not for her curiosity and desire to understand all aspects of our vision and mission. Martine is calm, focused, highly intelligent and very hard working. She is basically the perfect employee and I would recommend her to absolutely any employer that she is interested in working for."

Chris Paradox Patterson - Founder of One Trillion Trees

“Perfectly pitched vocalist Martine Waltier would stand out anywhere”
Mike Hobart - Financial Times

"I find working with Martine is a delight on several levels. For one thing she is very able to meet with people and truly connect. Martine brings a deep attention and a sparkling energetic presence which for me is a lovely combination. She is an effective collaborator and a good listener.  She can also attune to a project from a centred spiritual and practical perspective. This meant that what I hoped for was achieved in an enjoyable and easeful way and Martine also came up with lovely creative surprises. I loved that we were able to create something which truly represents my music and who I am. It is a joy for me to point people to my website."

Sarah Patterson - Musician and Voice Trainer


“Since taking lessons with Martine, my confidence has grown so much more than I could possibly have dreamed of. She has helped me find my voice and step away from behind the guitar - allowing me to develop as a singer as well as a musician.”

 Jamie Parnell - Plymouth University Music Degree student

"An inspiration and very helpful to me, my mind is back on track due to Martine"

Barbee - Kundalini yoga student

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