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Cracked Mud

We know nothing and everything.


A paradox within itself. This is life, full of paradoxes. 


Hearing this may feel unsettling, ungrounding, confusing, provocative. It is.


What is constant and always available to us?


Love. Together, let's feel it...

Water Drops

renew your birth rite

Warm Water Breathwork Square.jpg

* Warm water breathwork in a hydrotherapy pool in Siggiewi, Malta


* One to one or up to a group of four

*Pre-session questions to meditate on and embody your intentions

*Renew your birth rite on your terms

*Loving and consensual support

*Option to go under water with snorkel and mask provided


*Use of vocal sounds for deeper connection and healing

*Nurturing and safe space with clear boundaries

*Integration with coastal walk, talking or in silence

*After care and support

* Accommodation options available at Id-Dar, our home in Siggiewi

I am offering these sessions on a 'pay what feels right' basis (suggested between €50 and €85).

Minimum cost of the space hire is required which is €16.

Blue Water

holistic stays

Houdini and Martine_edited_edited.jpg

Houdini and I in our ancient family home in Malta

* Daily yoga/meditation/breathwork practices

* Traditional Maltese breakfast vegan/vegetarian

* Accommodation in ancient Maltese, home over 500 years old

*Shared wisdoms and insights through consensual living and communication

* Selection of healing modalities facilitated by either Martine or Houdini or both. You choose based on your needs.


* Airport pick up/drop off - personal welcome on arrival

* Basic stay rate from €115 per night per person.

Space for up to three people.

Nature Tokens

Women's Re-treats Malta

Id-Dar - Malta Sept 2022 (1).png

* An intimate group of up to four women

* Daily yoga/meditation/breathwork practices

* Held in our uniquely traditional Maltese family home

* Sea water breathwork in the ancient Maltese sea caves

* Personal guidance around the islands with secret swim spots

* Healthy vegan/vegetarian breakfast 

* Consensual living both individual/collective 

* Shared or solo accommodation options

* Living in relationship to your needs - pressure free & tailored

* Openness to sharing your gifts with the group

*Airport pickup/drop off

*Price starts from 115 euros per day shared accommodation three nights minimum stay*

Wild Plant


Moon Connection

90 mins of astrology, human design from Houdini Owens with integration breathwork using live sound healing of voice and guitar.


Free 30 mins Lives

Insight Timer
9am UK 10am CET Sundays.

1:1 breathwork & sound healing

In person/online

Sliding Scale Donation
Initial 90 mins consultation

£70/€60 ---- £90/€80 

£40/€30 ---- £60/€50

per hour

Voice/Violin/Guitar English/tuition

All ages and abilities

Online and in person

£50 per hour

£25 half an hour 

Original recorded meditations and breathworks can be found on Insight Timer,

Breath Hub App and my personal YouTube channel

Palm Trees


Click on a pic to find out about events I am

either offering, collaborating with or been invited to.  

Light and Shadow


My life has been shaped by music, critical thinking, philosophy and embodied practices. The offerings I have cultivated are person centred and intuitively lead. I love having fun and play is a central part of who I am.

Through creative somatic practices we can explore ways to move through any challenges/blocks that are currently coming up for you and sessions can either be in person or online. 

I am a qualified breathworker, kundalini yoga teacher and life coach. As a musician/teacher, exploring the world of improvisation and composition brings me closer to each moment of creativity and life.


With a wealth of life experience, I creatively draw upon this to connect deeper with the people I support.

To work together let's  connect and start a conversation.

With love, Martine x

Light and Shadow



*New release via Bandcamp of Re-Verse Your Universe - Breathing Meditations to Transform Undeserving Stories*

Using the elements as our guide, Re-Verse Your Universe is a compilation of meditation breath focused tracks to transform old stories and inspire new fulfilling narratives.

These tracks were originally created for a 6 week online workshop series designed by myself where creative embodied practices were used to explore our relationship to self-perpetuating, underserving narratives. 

More recently these tracks support my breathwork facilitation and I am happy for other breathwork facilitators to use these tracks upon purchasing and credit sharing my work.

This coming winter (2023) I will be working on my solo album which will also be released via Bandcamp and other streaming platforms, so do sign up to my monthly newsletter to keep up to date. 

I am happy to share a new anthem for our times, Disability Winners!

It is a song for the resilient and calling in a different way of engaging with disabilities. It stems from the work of Philip Connolly and Disability Resilience Network, who I have been working with these past few years.

The lyrics are by Philip Connolly, music creation/production by Martine Waltier and mastering by Olly Field.

If you would like to join the network, contribute via donation or to find out more follow this link:

Martine [Color]-7.jpg

To discover more about each other and how we can work together fill in the enquiry form expressing your interest or book a connection call. 

Receiving your email address will add you to my monthly mail out.


I look forward to connecting with you.

Love Martine x


Thank you.

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