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We know nothing and everything.


A paradox within itself. This is life, full of paradoxes. 


Hearing this may feel unsettling, ungrounding, confusing, provocative. It is.


What is constant and always available to us?


Healing love. We can explore this together...

Blue Water

Women's Re-treats Malta

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*Time Together Includes*

* An intimate group of up to four women

* Daily movement/meditation/breathwork practice

* Held in our uniquely traditional Maltese family home

* Re-birthing experience in the ancient Maltese sea caves

* Personal guidance around the islands with secret swim spots

* Healthy vegan/vegetarian breakfast 

* Consensual living both individual/collective 

* Shared or solo accommodation options

* Living in relationship to your needs - pressure free & tailored

* Openness to sharing your gifts with the group

*Price starts from 600 euros shared accommodation*

The Shared Sanctuary

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I separated from my second husband in 2018, a year after he had ‘come out’ with regards to his gender. At first he said he identified as non-binary (which made sense to me) but as time progressed his gender expressions were leaning more towards female.

That whole year shook my world.

When we separated my identity also changed.

At the time I wanted to offer a space for others like me but I did not have the capacity and there didn't seem to be anything available especially with what felt like a unique situation like mine.

But it's not unique. Recently after hearing of a dear friend who’s husband has come out as gay, I feel like the time is right to offer a healing and sharing space for those who are in close relations (partners or family) with people who are ‘coming out’ in whatever shape or form that looks like with regards to sexuality/gender. 


I want to honour the process of those that are going through their identity changes so I do not see the space as somewhere to speak ill, shame or blame these people. I want the space to hold all of our feelings and emotions however it’s not a place where we create or perpetuate negative energy towards them. It is important to express all our feelings however it can also be an opportunity to transform that energy rater then let it consume us. 


My nervous system was a mess back then and the only thing that saved me was kundalini yoga. Now I have many other tools which I would like to share in this space to support you, your wellbeing and mental health.


Limited to 10 spaces. Sign up to mailing list or email meinartmartine@gmail.com 


*six week Creative Process*

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* Six week creative process to re-verse (re-write) your stories, using the voice, breath and sound practices to bring new perspective & energy


* A deeper connection to self and others

*Five recorded sound meditations based on the elements

*6 x 2 hour live weekly group sessions using breath, voice & sound

*Exploring your relationship to voice/body image

*Take away your own personalised recording of your 'new verse' 

*Using the main five elements in ceremony to guide our creativity

*Intimate sharing, holding and listening with loving presence

*A safe online space to explore all creative expressions

Conscious Investment for Ten Sacred Souls

Supported: £250

For those on low income - payment plans available. 

Supporting: £500

For those able to support themselves financially and consciously contribute to supporting the development of others. 

*One free place* 

For someone deeply committed to personal creative transformation yet has limited or no access to funds.

Starting again November 2022

"I find working with Martine is a delight on several levels. For one thing she is very able to meet with people and truly connect. Martine brings a deep attention and a sparkling energetic presence which for me is a lovely combination."

Sarah Patterson - Medicine Singer and Trainer

“My confidence has grown so much more than I could possibly have dreamed of. Martine has helped me find my voice"

Jamie Parnell - Musician

I have been working Martine 8 weeks and had 6 sessions and my menstrual cycle has started flowing again and in full volume!   


Martine taught me specific breathwork for the lower chakras and while I would breath she would play the guitar and either sing or chant specific sounds relevant to me.

Re'hilah Evans Hamid - Womb Healer and Trauma Consultant


Moon Connection

90 mins of astrology, meditation, breathwork with live sound healing and astrology wisdom  from Houdini Owens


15mins Lives

Insight Timer
Mondays 10am UK

1:1 breathwork & sound healing

In person or online

Initial 90 mins consultation £90

£60 per hour thereafter

Block of 10 £550

Voice/Violin/Guitar tuition

All ages and abilities

Embodied and somatic learning

£50 per hour

£25 half an hour 

Next Lunar Breathe:

Monday 10th October 2022

7pm - 8:30pm UK time

£15 (or pay what you can) via paypal.me/martinewaltier

Register for Zoom details here

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Original recorded meditations and breathworks can be found on Insight Timer,

Breath Hub App (subscribe to my mailing list for 20% off) and my personal

YouTube channel



My life so far has been shaped by music, critical thinking, philosophy and embodied practices. The offerings I have cultivated are person centred and intuitively lead. I love having fun and play is a central part of who I am.

Through creative somatic practices we can explore ways to move through any challenges/blocks that are currently coming up for you and sessions can be either in person or online. 

I am a qualified breathworker, kundalini yoga teacher and life coach. As a musician/teacher, exploring the world of improvisation and composition brings me closer to each moment of creativity and life.


With a wealth of life experience, I creatively draw upon this to connect deeper with the people I support.

To work together let's  connect and start a conversation.

With love, Martine x